I've lived in Western New York my entire life and I've spent time in every major section of the Buffalo region. I grew up in Amherst but lived in Hamburg for five years and now I currently live in South Buffalo, near West Seneca and Lackawanna.

Over the course of those 30 years (12 or so driving), I've driven down some very frustrating roads here. We don't have the traffic of New York City, Chicago, Dallas, or Los Angeles, and we never will, but there are some tricky roads scattered throughout the area that cause headaches for drivers.

I know what you're thinking, too: potholes. Yes, potholes can make roads bad for sure, but traffic, drivers, and design can be equally frustrating.

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For me, few things in life are as soul-crushing as Transit Road, especially in the Williamsville area. Even as a kid driving around with my dad, I knew how awful that road could be.

We asked listeners on Twitter what some of their least-favorite roads to drive down in Western New York and Buffalo were, and there are plenty of complaints from locals on Reddit as well.

Here are the worst roads to drive down in Western New York according to Buffalonians.

The Worst Roads to Drive Down With the Craziest Drivers In Buffalo

Here are some of the absolute worst roads to drive down in Western New York.

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