The Buffalo Zoo is proud to announce that they have a new resident for you to visit soon!  Her name is Lulu and she's an Eastern Black Rhino.

She's only 2 years old and comes to us from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

She will be joining our friend George, Tashi, and Mohan but not right away.  For now she will be housed in the old elephant enclosure.

Unfortunately for us, she will be behind the scenes for a few weeks to get acclimated to her new home before being available for us to see.  It makes sense though...there's a lot involved in a move.

As you know, Buffalo has been a huge advocate for rhinos.  We were able to welcome a new rhino to the world with Mohan.  She is the daughter of Tashi and also the first greater one-horned rhino to be born through artificial insemination and survive past early infancy.

Every year the Buffalo Zoo has put on a fundraising event called Save The Rhinos (formerly Bowling For Rhinos).  It's a bowling event that's been put together to support rhino conservation organizations across the globe.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the event has been cancelled this year, but they're hoping to do something else virtually.  We should have more on that very soon for you.

For now, we will just anxiously await the opportunity to meet our newest rhino named Lulu.  They expect she should be available to see visitors in September.  We can't wait!



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