The Buffalo Bills have fans everywhere. This is no secret, as evidence by the fact you go to many NFL stadiums and can see a good contingent of Bills Mafia in the stands and around the visiting city.

I was in Nashville two weeks ago and it was mayhem in Downtown Nashville with Bills fans flooding the streets on Lower Broadway and anywhere within a 15-minute radius of Nissan Stadium.

Granted, many fans traveled down for that game, but many have moved out of Buffalo to other locations and cheer on the Bills from their new cities and even, new countries.

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You can even see Bills fans from other counties, who were born and raised there.

Check out this Bills backer bar (maybe restaurant) from Italy. They are showing their Bills Mafia pride by singing The Shout Song.

That entire place is flooded with Bills fans.

There's a Twitter account that's growing in popularity called "Bills Mafia of Kazakhstan" that's easily one of the best Twitter follows out there for Bills fans.

It's always great to see Bills fans across the country, but it's even more cool when you see Bills Mafia members living in countries that are not in North America. Something like the Bills and something attached to Buffalo, NY can bring joy to countries around the world -- that's how I view it, anyway, which always brings a smile to my face.

The Bills next play the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road. Kickoff is next Sunday at 1 pm.

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