Drive-In movie theaters aren't as popular as they were back in the '60's or '70's but one theater has remained popular for Western New York customers over the years...the Transit Drive-In in Lockport.

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Now, there's hope the drive-in can open sooner rather than later.

According to WKBW, Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the possibility of making drive-in movie theaters an essential business as the world around us gradually returns to normal.

"Where is the public safety issue? It's a drive-in theater. You're in the car with the same people," said Cuomo.


"Today we're not considered essential," said Transit Drive-In owner Rich Cohen. "But as they begin to open up businesses and the country again, at some point in time, we can be given a green light."

The Drive-In wants to open but won't do so until it is deemed fully safe. They also will have measures in place when that day comes.

Here are safety measures the drive-in would take.

  • Parking cars 10 feet apart
  • Reducing capacity over 50 percent
  • Moving to online ticketing only
  • Limiting the amount of people in restroom at once, with sanitizing in-between
  • Concessions ordered on an app and picked up curbside

All signs point to life gradually returning to normal. It's hard to see life as we knew it instantaneously returning to normal, but it could make sense to have drive-ins be the first round of non-essential businesses re-open for business.

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