The men and women of the police force here in Western New York serve the community day in and day out, usually with not enough credit.

The West Seneca Police Department is one of the best in Western New York but one thing that sets them apart from others is their hilarious social media accounts. Many of the tweets and Facebook posts are serious in nature, but when there's an opportunity to lighten the mood, they take advantage of it to brighten people's day.

The month of March was no different, as there were multiple hilarious social media posts made by the West Seneca PD that are definitely worth the look.

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This first one was made on Wednesday morning and it might be one of my favorites they've ever made. It was a road closure announcement for Leydecker Rd.

The next tweet is a huge pet peeve of mine: four-way stops and treating traffic lights not working as such. Once again, the West Seneca PD took a funny approach.

This last one is about a tore up piece of earth that appears to look like an alligator on Orchard Park Rd.

Okay, I lied, let's do one more...but this one was actually tweeted back in February but seriously, look how cute these dogs are!

We're guessing more hilarious tweets and Facebook posts await us in the month of April.

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