The Bills have had plenty of disappointing losses.  Have you noticed any of your "Bills fan" friends saying any of these things after them?

It's an understatement to say that this year has been a bit underwhelming so far.  The kicker is that we are only halfway through the season!  We are halfway there and already people are saying that it's all over.

It's also understandable.  It's been a while since we've been through this kind of a season.  Remember all the years that we would get to the end of a season and as the game would be going on, a graphic would come on the screen to say that we were "In the hunt" for the playoffs?  The last thing we want is for a new drought to start again.  When we started to hear people say at the end of last year that our "Super Bowl window is closing," it just hurt.  Are our chances of winning the big one really getting that slim?

It feels a little hopeless as a fan.  We just have to sit back and watch it all happen.  Which is hard when we all (obviously) have all the answers about how to fix this team (sarcasm).

You may have heard some of your friends saying some things that were a little out of character after some of these recent losses.  When we are sad, we say some things we don't mean after a Bills loss.  It's not OK, but let's be honest, we all say them.

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