I had someone from Nashville text us and say they wanted to come up for a visit to Buffalo for a meeting. We said sure, you can pick any day in April.

Of course, they picked Monday, April 18.

I had to backtrack and tell them that we cannot do that day. The team flying in said well why not. I said it is a Buffalo holiday. It is Dyngus Day.

They were baffled. They didn't get it. They thought well the holiday is the day before. Easter is the day before on the 17th.

I had to explain to them that we would be doing polkas at noon at the local fire hall and drinking beers out of extra large cups. And of course, probably having some traditional pierogies.

Instead of canceling, they are dying to come up to Buffalo to experience this. Somehow I feel a little proud that we are the Dyngus Day capital of the United States because we know that they are going to go back to Nashville and tell everyone that they got to experience the most wild, unique day.

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