Growing up during the 1980s here in Western New York there was always one department store and I wanted my mom to take me to.

That was Hills! I grew up in West Seneca and we had a Hills department store right on Union Road near French.

It was amazing, the store had everything you ever wanted plus it was loaded with all the toys that a boy could hope for.

But that wasn't the best part of Hills. The best part was when you walked in you could smell the popcorn from the concession stand. Plus the snack bar had all sorts of goodies. From Preztles to hot dogs, to drinks. That was the real reason I would always volunteer to go shopping with my mom. She would always get me some popcorn and a Slurpee before we headed into the shop.

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As a kid, sitting in the cart munching on that bright yellow popcorn was a dream and now as an adult, it is a great memory that I have.

Now one candle place brings back that memory with a special candle.

The Sugar Creek Candle Company is now selling a candle that smells like the Hills snack bar.

Yep..that got the smell of the Hills Snack Bar down and for just $15 you take sniff your way back down memory lane.

The candles come in several different sizes and feature artwork depicting the Hills logo.

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Hills eventually was bought out by Ames in the late 1990s. Ames would go out of business in the early 2000s.

Sure we might do a lot of our shopping nowadays on-line but walking into the sweet smell of popcorn will always take me back to being 7 years old shopping with my mom.


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