At first, I thought 'wow, this would be great for the kids', but then I figured, this is great for just about ANYONE.

You go to McDonald's or Burger King and you get some nuggets and there is always a struggle. You want to eat some in the car, but we all know that it is not an easy task because you need your dipping sauce, of course. How can you hold the steering wheel, a nugget and dunk your chicken all at the same time? This is genius.

A company called Saucemoto has made things easier for you. It is simple. You just stick it in the air vents of your car and it holds there...AND it sticks there pretty well I might add.

Take a look!


The best part is that all of the fast food places have their own sizes of sauces, even though they all look pretty similar, so they provide you with different size attachments so that no matter if you're going to the brand new Chik-Fil-A in Western New York, or you get ranch for McDonald's or red sauce from Burger King to dip your mozz sticks, they have you covered.

They also come with containers if you want to squirt something from home in there!

There is also one for the french fries as well! You can pick up both holders for less than 20 bucks.

P.S.-- They make a great gag gift!

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