The big weekend is here and people across New York State are getting ready to fire up the grill and break out the potato salad. But New York State has a food warning ahead of this Memorial Day weekend.

There are over 44 million people that are expected to be on the roads this weekend as we see the busiest Memorial Day weekend on the highways in the last the 20 years. Be safe and stay alert.

But the need for safety doesn't stop when the car or truck is shut off. It is important to remember a few tips when it comes to keeping your family and guests safe at the backyard party and barbecue.

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There are reports to end the week that New York State has issued a warning and alert to residents about the food we are eating.

New York State's Department of Health recommends all meat and perishable food be refrigerated so it doesn't reach room temperature. Also, wrap any raw meat in plastic bags to keep their juices from dripping onto other food. Finally, make sure utensils are cleaned appropriately to avoid contamination and the spread of germs.

New York State posted this on their State Department Of Health website when it comes to the proper temperatures for food.

Chicken - 165
Hamburger - 160
Pork - 150
Hot dogs - 140
Leftovers - 165
Eggs - 145
Other foods - 140

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