I'm sure watching the Super Bowl and watching Tom Brady claim his fourth championship in New England was sour for any Buffalo fan to watch. Again, he was the MVP of the Super Bowl and with that and the win came criticize of Brady + Co. with all of the scandals the team has ensued. Do they deserve to win? Are they really the best team?

I don't know Carl Pfeiffer from Buffalo Bruises, but he said this and I think any Buffalo Bills fan would agree. So, Carl wherever you are, thanks for saying what we're all thinking.


OK, so I’ve been watching the Batman and Robin duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady dance around deflategate for the last week and a half. Belichick trying to explain the science of air compression in leather footballs was enough to make me believe that the apocalypse had indeed arrived and I should expect to meet the incarnation of Jesus by dinner time.


Everybody north of the New York/Mass line are screaming “What’s the big deal!!” While the rest of the country offers opinions that range from this is all a big joke to we need a Warren Commission to investigate.

All of you are wrong. The air pressure in footballs during the course of a 45-7 game means nothing… absolutely nothing. And that is NOT the point.


The point is that Belichick and Brady are confirmed cheaters on the football field and in their personnel lives. I have outlined in previous articles the divorces, affairs, lawsuits, court proceedings, out of wedlock children and overall bad behavior of these two and 30 seconds with the Google machine will dump all the information you need to arrive at a conclusion as to what kind of people these two are.


And there is the football cheating. Spygate, the entire Rams organization from Kurt Warner to the bathroom attendant who have their suspicions as to what happened before their first Super Bowl “victory”… to now the defaltegate.


I am old enough to remember when if you were involved in scandal after scandal you were scorned and not celebrated, you were run off, not rewarded and you were banned and not given a pay raise with more authority. And you know what? There was a time that if you were say… the President or the head coach or the team captain and you were caught cheating… you resigned! You were ashamed of what you had done and didn’t want to show your face. Whatever happened to shame??


This has been a shameful year for the NFL. It has been a shameful decade for the New England Patriots. It’s too bad really. I am jealous of Steeler fans and 49er fans for all the winning and Super Bowl trophies that they display. I am not jealous of Patriot fans at all. Keep your records and the asterisks that comes with them.


So Patriot fans, congratulations… you’re back in the Super Bowl. I hope you enjoy the game. Good luck. But let me ask you this? If Brady and Belichick hoist up the Lombardi Trophy what are you going to tell your kids about your team? What’s the story? What’s the lesson? What is the value of this most certain tarnished victory?

I’ll tell ya what Patriot fans, you can have those trophies and that crap-laden story too! I’ll take Jim Kelly, Kent Hull, Thurman Thomas and Marv Levy’s story of pulling yourself up after defeat, after defeat, after defeat.


I’ll take the story of overcoming, of the greatest comeback, the Don Beebe chasing down Leon Lett when the game was most certainly over. I’ll take never quit and “where would you rather be than right here, right now”. You’re right Patriot fans, none of that comes with a Lombardi Trophy. But is does come with some wonderful lessons for the sons and daughters of Buffalo and Western New York, it comes with peace of mind, and a dose of honesty. Go ahead and keep your Lombardi trophies… you earned them, and the story that comes with them.


Again…Good luck on Sunday.


Signed 0-4 Buffalo fan.