This is a sweet idea for your kids this year! This is such a unique idea for a kid in Buffalo (Plus, it's not expensive at all)!

Show your loved one just how wild you are about them this holiday by making them an adoptive parent of a Zoo animal! For $15, your sweet heart will receive an adoption certificate, a chocolate heart from Fowler’s and two guest passes to the Zoo, valid until 12/31/17 – more than a $20 value! To make your loved one an adoptive parent, call (716) 995-6131, or adopt online here! All proceeds benefit the Zoo’s Adopt-An-Animal program.

Give your special someone a truly unique and loving Valentine’s Day gift of an animal adoption from the Buffalo Zoo. With your kind donation of $15 your sweetheart will receive:

-an adoption certificate
-a pair of guest passes to the Zoo, Valid Thru 12/31/18
-plus a sweet bonus of a chocolate heart, from Buffalo’s finest chocolatier….Fowler’s Chocolate.

Most importantly you’ll be showing your love to your Valentine as well as to one of the Earth’s most precious inhabitants. Use this form to obtain this unique gift.

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