As the temperature gets cooler and Buffalo’s leaves change colors, you may be looking for your first candle of the new fall season to light in your home.

Allow me to help you speed up your search. This is perfect for any and all Bills fans who, when they're not at a game, love to cozy up on the couch with a knitted blanket and a freshly lit candle nearby.

Buffawix Candle Co. makes soy candles with toxin free oils that burn locally in Buffalo. Not only is it a local “mom and pop” business, the owner, Kristine Bailey, is also a Bills fan, so she makes Bills-themed candles. Makes sense, right?

It’s not just one scent though. You can find Buffalo Bills candle scents, like Cherry Pale Al-Len (named after our quarterback), Tailgate with Leather, BBQ Smoke, and my personal favorite — Football Sunday with leather and sweet grass.

Photo Credit: Hank Bailey
Photo Credit: Hank Bailey


Bailey emphasizes that her candles are toxin-free, “so no phthalates, carcinogens, and candles burn clean so no para-soot,” she said.

If the name “Buffawix Candle Co.” sounds familiar, it probably is — the company often can be found at community events. The next two events that they will be out in the community for include the Fall Fest in Ellicottville on Oct. 9-10, and The Wurlitzer on Oct. 17. 

If you can't wait until October to get your newest fall candle for this football season, you can pick up your Bills-themed candle at any time at the company’s main store location. The majority of candles sold from Buffawix Candle Co. stem from Rustic Buffalo, a gift shop located at 6610 Shawnee Rd, North Tonawanda, NY; however, Buffawix Candle Co. also offers local pickup and shipping. 

To scope out all the latest Bills-themed candles for sale and see updates on candle scents, you can find Buffawix Candle Co. on Facebook or on Instagram.

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