Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or is there a universal beauty that everyone understands and agrees with?  I guess that's something to think about!  Victoria's Secret (and they know sexy), again, has put together its 7th annual "What is Sexy List."  Now, this list should be followed bay all, because if Victoria Secret thinks it's sexy, it's sexy!  I'll give you a portion of the list along with my comments, which I'm sure you'll enjoy!  According to V.S. the sexiest actress is ......Charlize Theron.  - It is definitely hard to disagree with this pick.  Charlize has a beautiful face and to me that's where physical beauty begins.  I may have picked Kate Beckinsale, but in all, i agree....good pick.

-Wrestling fans or George Clooney may have better perspective on this one than I may....Sexiest Legs= Stacey Keibler.  I know she's tall, but does she have good legs.  It's one thing if they're just long, but if they're long and silky smooth, she's a winner!

-Sexiest Sense of Humor went to Emma Stone!  I'd have to agree, from what we see of her in movies and in interviews.  She seems like a cool chick.  By awarding her this distinction, is V.S. saying that she's only kind of pretty....but her personality helps her out?

-Beyonce was given the Sexiest Mom honor.  Hey, how did they pass on Octomom or Kate Gosselin----puke!!!!!  Kidding....I guess Beyonce is a decent fit, but I'm sure Heidi Klum could have been thrown in there.

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