You might remember this display from last year.  It was the talk of the town in East Aurora, and it's coming back again this year.

This display made national news last year, and you can bet that it's set to do it again.

The spider is homemade by a former engineer that used to work at Fisher-Price.  He put his skills to use in creating this masterpiece. His name is David Moomaw and he built the spider in the middle of the pandemic because he thought that "if there was ever a time that we needed something other than each other to look was at that time!"

While it took a couple of months to create the entire display last year, it's just about ready to go this year.  If you drive by you can already see the display.  Last year though, he said he had some plans to step up his spider game for this year.  So what does he have planned?  We will have to wait and see.

Should you go in the daytime?  Or at night?  Well...if you go during the day, you can see how much work really went into making such a huge display.  But at night, you really get the full spooky feel of it.

If you're looking to find it, head out to East Aurora.  It's at 423 Oakwood Ave between South Grove Street and Walnut Street.  While we can't confirm it, the rumor around town is that it's going to come to life this weekend!

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