There are two types of people, those who worked out and got in shape in the pandemic and those who said they would get back in to shape once this is all over. No matter which person you are or what fitness category you fall under, there is a sweet new way to get some exercise that will bring you back to your childhood and Pre-K days!

My wife and I have been hearing a lot of people talk about the Weighted Hula Hoop workouts.

I have never been good at a Hula hoop. I am not sure if it my body type or just bad coordination. My slim build build has never been able to maneuver a Hula Hoop very well. But I can sure see the benefits and the calories you could burn if you are able to do the workout properly.

Remember how much fun it was to Hula Hoop as a kid? We had the Hoops that had some sort of noise makers on the inside that, if you moved them properly, they would make a shaker sound!

This is a good workout for anyone who can't get out to run or to a gym as often as you would like to. It is also a quick and convenient way for parents burn some energy in the house and quiet enough that you won't wake the kids if they are napping!

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