This week’s Hometown Hero is a Marine from West Seneca, NY.  He has always wanted to become a Marine and now he is living out that dream.  This week we honor Corporal Anthony Avolio as our Hometown Hero.

Even though he was young, he was greatly affected by the events of 9/11, and wanted to personally defend our country. Anthony became a Marine in September of 2011.

He was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan from Oct '12 - May 13. He was a humvee driver. He was involved in a fire fight on 12-2-12, & one of his Marine brothers was killed in action during the battle. He will be deploying again this summer, after he finishes training to become a squad leader.

His entry into the Marines was a quick one.  He graduated from high school on a Wednesday and left for boot camp on Sunday. He was eager to get started on the path to becoming a Marine. He has quickly been promoted to Corporal since he has shown leadership ability.

He feels it is important to support his Marine brothers in need.  Anthony attended the walkathon for the "I AM" fundraiser last May in Buffalo. Anthony feels it is very important to have a memorial down at the Naval Park to honor those who lost their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He has also made a generous donation to this cause. He also regularly donates to Wounded Warrior Foundation.

It’s for these reasons and many more that we are happy to call him our Hometown Hero this week.

If you would like to remember or honor someone who is currently serving our country or has served in the past, click the button below. We will choose a new Hometown Hero each Friday. If their name is chosen, we will not only feature them on, but we’ll be sure to thank them for their service on the air and dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.

Once again, thank you to Corporal Anthony Avolio, our Hometown Hero of the week!

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