The West Seneca Police Department is the go-to social media account for law enforcement in Western New York, in terms of comedy, and this latest one has us all cracking up. It pretty much went viral locally.

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A patrol car for the West Seneca Police Department had a report and, well, let's just say that the "maintenance problem" isn't your ordinary maintenance problem.

According to the West Seneca PD, this particular patrol car has a problem with the siren....

Apparently, the siren doesn't make the normal "woowoo, weewoo" and "boop boop" sound...

The first thought I have is what sound does the patrol car in question make? Is it a different sound? These are the burning questions!

Also, the car has over 158,000 miles on it! Maybe it's time for a new patrol car and retire the non-woo-woo sound one.

If you're interested in some more West Seneca PD social media posts, check out their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This one had me cracking up this past weekend.

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