Our Hometown Hero this week comes to us originally from Portsmouth, Va., but Alden is the town that he calls home. It’s 23-year-old Marine Sergeant Thomas Over.

His friends call him Tom and say that he has always wanted to join the Marine Corps ever since he was little. He used to even make his sisters play war with him when they were kids. His dream finally came true in 2008! He left two days after graduating from Alden High School.

He left his friends, six siblings and many other family members to join the Marines. After boot camp, he was stationed all over in California, from the beach to the desert. Shortly after marrying his wife Kanadace,Tom was sent on a deployment overseas for six months. When he came back, he ended up re-signing a contract with the Marines to stay in for another four years!

He is now stationed in Albany, Ga. Tom has made his way up to SGT. He has tons of family up here in the Buffalo area who are very proud of him and miss him a whole lot! Tom plans to make a career out of the Marines, despite the fact that he is away from his family. Tom has become a big part of the community in Albany by coaching a little league football team and taking on a part-time job to try to meet new people and support his family down there.

We can’t say enough how proud we are of Tom and all of our Hometown Heroes and are happy to call Tom Over our Hometown Hero of the week!

Remember, if you would like to nominate someone who is currently serving our country or has served in the past, simply click the button below. We will honor a new Hometown Hero each week, and if their name is picked, not only do we mention them on the air but we also dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.

Thank you once again to Thomas Over, this week’s Hometown Hero!

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