Easter is almost here.  Since we showed you a couple different ways to hard boil your eggs last week, this week we are going to show you a couple different ways to decorate them.

We've all done the old school method with the water and the vinegar, and the Paas kit.  But it's time to try something new.

This year I gave it a shot with three different methods that I had found online.  You may have seen the cool whip method, which is similar to the shaving cream method but here are even more ways to try...


The Fingernail Polish Method

Fingernail Polish Egg (Brett Alan)

This one was probably the coolest way to do it, but it would take a little more skill.  Probably not for little ones.  You have to be a little more delicate with the eggs and careful as you pull them out.  It takes a good touch to get them just right.


The Rice Shaker Method

Rice Shaker Eggs (Brett Alan)

This one was probably my favorite.  It was really easy and the eggs came out looking really cool.  They took very little effort and it was very affordable.  All you need are eggs, rice, food coloring and a bag.  The only advice that I would give is to make sure to use enough food coloring.  Our rice tended to soak it up pretty quick.


The Shaving Cream Method

Shaving Cream Egg (Brett Alan)

I'm not sure if I did these wrong or what, but these were very underwhelming.  You are supposed to let the shaving cream stay on the eggs for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.  We did that.  I even timed them.  But most of the coloring came off.  However, one DID turn out and it was pretty cool.  So maybe I just did something wrong on the other 3 eggs.


Whatever method you use, have fun!  And remember to find all the eggs that the easter bunny hides.  Don't let them sit for an entire year in a basket like this one did...so gross!