Somehow while packing away the Easter decor, we missed a hard boiled egg that had been hiding in the Easter grass from one of the kids' baskets.  I'm not really sure how we missed it, but there it was.

One full year later, I stumble across this egg.  Now when most people find a jewel like that, they send it straight to the trash.  Not me though...I have to find out what's inside.

And who has more questions about life than Dale Mussen?  So of course, he was intrigued to find out what a one year old hard boiled egg looked like from the inside too and he was happy to join me.

It really took me by surprise.  I normally have a pretty strong stomach for stuff like that.  But not that time.  I couldn't get anywhere near it without gagging.

I will say though, that now I've talked Dale into it, he promised that he was going to come up with something else that we should dig into.

Any suggestions?  What should we try next?


Oh....and what was inside the egg shell?  This...

Rotten Egg (Brett Alan)
Rotten Egg (Brett Alan)

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