It's been an interesting spring, to say the least. Okay, let's be honest, this is Western New York and spring is usually the season where anything is fair game. We've gotten actual spring-like weather since March, but we've also gotten 80-degree days, cold and rain, and even snow. It's a Buffalo tradition in April.

We're now into June and the temperatures will pretty much be the 70s and 80s from here on out and get ready for this weekend and into next week because it's going to feel hot out there.

WIVB 4 Warn Weather is reporting that Western New York will see a big increase in temperatures and sunshine starting on Saturday with every day after getting gradually warmer.

80 degrees forecasted for Saturday with 85 and sunny on Sunday and then high 80s and even 90 degrees next week. We could have a shot at three straight 90-degree days in Buffalo next week...

Just look at that forecast. Wow. Technically, we're still in spring too!

Most of us love summertime in Buffalo, but obviously, when temperatures are that hot (mid-to-high-80s), it's important to stay hydrated and keep sunscreen around if you're prone to sunburns. It's also important to limit pets' time outdoors in extreme heat.

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I remember the snow we got in April this year, so I will be the absolute last person complaining about this upcoming heatwave. Bring on summertime!

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