If you've ever gotten the chance to go skydiving, it's the most insane adrenaline rush ever. Even if you're scared of heights (I am, too and still did it!) you have to at least one time give it a whirl. It's so safe and the hardest part is the two seconds getting out of the plane...but, don't worry. Your instructor will be with you to push you both out so, you don't have to make that decision. Now, I did it in Sanborn back in the day, but this location in Niagara Falls is the highest skydive you can do in Western New York getting you over 12,000 feet high!

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It's called Skydive The Falls and it is the only place that offers a close aerial view of one of the original seven wonders of the world before you jump. Want to make it even cooler? Do it around sunset and it's the coolest view you'll ever see...skydiving as you look around and see the Falls, the Toronto skyline and beyond.

It costs 250 bucks.

There were a lot of questions about where you would land, here is a video that will help you get more of an inside look!

How does it work? According to their website, here's what you can expect when you get there before your 5 to 7 minutes descending to the ground.

After you book online you will receive an email conformation. Included in that email will be a link to our SmartWaiver. You must fill out our SmartWaiver prior to your arrival. Upon arrival, you will check in and begin a short class and watch a video explaining your skydive. This process generally only takes about 20 minutes and upon completion, you will then be paired with your instructor to go over the entire skydive.

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