It looks like Tim Hortons has raised prices again on some of their coffee beverages. A large coffee now costs $2.06, that's up 5 cents from before. It looks like the price change went into effect last Wednesday night into Thursday morning. An employee at a Tim Hortons informed me that coffee went up 5 cents and iced cappuccinos went up 11 cents. Other people have noticed an increase on other beverages as well, but nothing can be nailed down with concrete information. When I have cash it was always easy to grab that extra penny that was floating around, now it looks like you have to have a lot more pennies or add nickels to your car floaters. I noticed this morning when I went to go get my coffee and they said "$2.06" and I knew right away that wasn't what I paid before because of that pesky penny!

In comparison, a large coffee at Dunkin' Donuts cost $2.09 (and many locations have closed) and a large (venti) at Starbucks costs $2.66 so $2.06 doesn't seem that bad. Still, it stinks that prices go up, but just like with every other business that have to compete with the market and price increases will happen.

To make sure it wasn't just me, I asked on Facebook and other people noticed too.

Has anyone noticed any other items that were a part of the price raise?

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