Most of the lids that are on your coffee or tea or hot chocolate have a warning that the liquid may be hot. There are also warnings on the side of many of the cups. Years ago, a lawsuit was filed after someone was burned by a hot cup of coffee that didn't have a warning. Tim Horton's finds itself on the receiving end of a similar lawsuit.

According to a story filed by Metro Source News:

A Michigan woman (Lynn Lacey) says she was at a Tim Horton restaurant last fall when she was badly burned by the drink. Lacey says the lid popped off the cup while she was being handed the tea. She filed a lawsuit last week that claims she suffered first and second degree burns to her left thumb, lower abdomen and left thigh. The legal action says the cup was defective and should not have been used in the first place.

I always ask for a sleeve, or at some locations they will give you a doubled up cup to keep your hand from getting burned. The lid can be an issue and one of the most frustrating situations is when the lid is positioned with the mouth piece placed over the cup's seam.


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