Tim Hortons is getting ready to start testing reusable and returnable cup and food packaging. Back in the beginning of the year, Tim Hortons announced that they were going to plan to give away two million reusable cups as part of helping the environment as part of their 10 year commitment.

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The idea is that there are both reusable cups, which you may have seen before, but also food boxes as well. You pay a deposit and if you bring it back, you clean it and bring it back, then you get your deposits back. It's not just a hand out from Tim Hortons, you have to want to help just as much as they do!

Tim Hortons is excited to be partnering with TerraCycle's zero-waste platform, Loop, to pilot a program that will give guests the option of paying a deposit and receiving reusable and returnable cups or food containers with their order so they can help us on our mission to reduce single-use waste", according to NewsWire.

Now, of course things were put on hold because it would have been a horrible idea to have people bring items home and pass them back and forth during a pandemic. They are going to test out the first few Tim Horton's in Canada in the upcoming months.

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