There is so much to see here in the state of New York, and at least one company is willing to pay you to see the places that you explore this summer.

If you are one of those people that say, "Why would I want to travel to another country for vacation?  There's so much to see here in our country!"  Then Whistle Out has a job for you.

They're looking for a CAO.  It's a Chief Adventure Officer and they need you to check out everything that New York State has to offer and share it online.

There really is so much to see in our state.  If you've never been camping in the Adirondack Mountains or taken that a tour of Niagara Falls that you've always wanted to take, this could be for you.

Whistle Out will pay you $1000 for the pictures of the great outdoors, plus hook you up with a brand new smartphone and even reimburse your travel costs!

Here's the thing, you have to apply for the job.  You'll get the money, the phone and the travel costs if you're chosen to be their CAO.  And there are some pretty important dates coming up.

The application deadline is May 21st.  That's just a couple days away!  Click here to find the application.

So if you're the kind of person that LOVES to be outside and you love to travel and explore, this could be perfect for you.  Get that application filled out and get ready to brag about how great our state is!

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