Living in New York, we have seen several memorable sports moments, from football to baseball to basketball and everything in between.

We remember when the New York Knicks knocked off the No. 1 seed back in the 90s when they defeated the Miami Heat in only 5 games.

We remember the “wide right,” even though we don’t want to….

But on Wednesday night, we saw something happen at a baseball game that is going to live forever in the back of our brain.

The New York Mets sent their relief pitcher, Edwin Diaz, into the game with his normal walk out song “Narco.”

He has walked out to this song before, but this time, the actual artist, Timmy Trumpet, was there to perform the song live at the stadium for all of the Mets fans. 

You can plan on hearing the song at most Mets’ games, and it’s familiar for anyone in the MLB, as they have become accustomed to it.

That’s why it is no surprise why they decided to invite Timmy Trumpet to perform it in front of everyone.

You might get goosebumps while watching the video, but you can see the walk out below. 

This experience actually turned out to be one of Trumpet’s first time at an MLB game, with Tuesday being the first, according to Jack Vita from Sports Illustrated

I’m sure the performance of “Narco” the following day shocked Diaz, who seemed to be unaware that the artist would be at the stadium.

When Diaz jogged onto the field and the beat started to pick up, the baseball player looked over to see that Trumpet was actually there. You could tell his eyes lit up. 

Diaz secured the save with a 2-1 win against the Dodgers. 

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