Grab the frying pan and get ready for Bacon Cheeseburgers, BLTs, and bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs because Today is National Bacon Day!

If you love bacon, (and who doesn't) the sound of Bacon sizzling might be one of the best sounds that you can wake up to.

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Today is the day to baconize everything you eat! Today is National Bacon Day.

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According to the website there is one easy way to celebrate:

We are encouraged to eat a variety of bacon while watching Kevin Bacon movies, or movies with bacon in the title. Since Bacon Day was created before the Discovery Channel show How It’s Made debuted, it’s safe to say, we can eat our bacon and watch those, too. Giving and receiving gifts of bacon is also recommended. Other suggested traditions such as bacon toasts and kissing under pork fat mistletoe are mentioned as well. Use #BaconDay to post on social media.

So how do you plan to celebrate National Bacon Day?
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