Finding just the right Father's Day gift can be a challenge -- especially during a pandemic when some stores have just opened.

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Thankfully we have the internet, which has given us the greatest Father's Day gift for any dad -- Custom Face Socks. And if you order today, they'll arrive on time for the big day.

They were a big hit as a Father's Day gift for Clay last year -- though now that he went and had a new baby, we should probably order him an updated pair.

Divvyup is a company that prints custom socks that feature any face printed on them -- your kids, your significant other, or your pet.


You can feel good about getting socks from Divvyup; the company gifts a pair to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased.

It's easy to create a pair of custom socks. You just need a good front-facing photo of the person (or people) you want to put on the socks. You can even use photos from Facebook -- they don't even have to be that high-resolution of an image to look good on your feet.

I had a pair printed for my brother, featuring his three kids. And we made a pair for my dad, with my two kids as the featured faces.

They make for a totally fun and memorable gift, and since they only come in one size -- it makes for a perfect fit.

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