Yesterday was a sad day in Boston. In New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady's weekly press conference, Brady showed up with a new 'do. Clearly, after throwing 4 picks against the Bills on Sunday something drastic had to be done and out came the clippers. Here is a pic snapped at the presser and posted to Twitter by Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston.


This is either really big news, or it is a slow news day. Sports pages are claiming this as 'Breaking News' and Twitter is lighting up with posts about Brady's 'Losing Locks'

To pay tribute to Brady's missing mop-top, we have put together a gallery of his hair throughout the past few years. Some of these looks include 'the Bieber' and 'the Geico Caveman'.

In other grooming news...Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard is back! The 'Amish Rifle' (just named AFC Offensive Player of the Month) has once again gone from pre-season stubble to a face full of 'Winning Whiskers' (yeah, I just came up with that). Never to be outdone by cry-baby Brady, Fitz's beard is also getting quite a bit of attention on Twitter. In fact, the beard even has it's own Facebook page! At the end of last season, Fitz hit the barber shop and got a clean shave as seen in this video, much to the dislike of many Bills fans who started online petitions for him to keep the beard. Alas, razor won and it was time for a clean start after a dismal season. Here are a few photos of the now famous beard from the last couple of years.

Perhaps Brady could take a note from Fitzpatrick and grow a beard, it may not make him play any better but at least it will cover up that crater on his chin.

Do you like the long hair or the short hair on Brady...or do you think he's a tool either way?

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