Here are the 10 best ways to save a little scratch.  Remember, cutting corners on the little things, eliminating the unnecessary purchases will go a long way.  A Harris poll was conducted on adults and what they are doing to save money around the holiday season.  Check out the results......

#1- 65% of the people surveyed are switching to generic brands of products that they usually use.

#2- 48% of the surveyed group said that they pack a lunch instead of buying one.  Smart's probably healthier too!

#3- 39% said they've switched to tap water or using a store-bought water filter instead of the bottled water.

#4- 38% said that they were going to the barber/hairdresser less.  I'm kinda lucky in that regard...I'm my barber!

#5- 31% of the surveyed group said that they canceled magazine subscriptions.

#6- About 22% said they scaled back on their cable T.V. service.  Maybe a downgrade is needed...there are a lot of needless channels on cable T.V.

#7- 22% also said...And this one is a tough one for me......They cut back on buying coffee in the morning!

#8- 17%-Canceled their newspaper subscription.

#9- 15% Removed their land phone line from the house and just use cell service.  Did it!!

#10- 12% Carpool or use mass transit to get to work.