If you are like me, you like to eat but sometimes you find that food is better the next day.

Here are my Top 5 foods that I always order extra of because they taste better the next day!

1. Chinese Food - Re-heated Pork Lo Mein or General Tso's chicken makes for a perfect breakfast!

2. Chicken Wings - Sure they are great hot and crispy but the next day, nothing is better then a cold wing covered in Blu Cheese.

3. Cold Pizza - Nothing says GREAT Breakfast like a slice of cold pizza!

4. Chili - Sure it is good the first day you make it, but let it sit overnight and all the spices soak into the meat and beans and man oh man does Chili taste great the next day!

5. BBQ Ribs - Another great dish is taste good when warm, but a slab of ribs the next morning is de-lish!

What is your favorite leftover food?

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