No matter if you been in a relationship for 5 days or 50 years chances are you and your partner will get into a disagreement.

While most people want the argument over quickly, certain words and phrases can make your partner even madder!

Here are my Top 5 things NOT to Say during an argument.

1. Chill Out or Calm Down - Saying this to a woman who is mad is like throwing gasoline on a fire!

2. Don't Cry - People need to get their emotions out somehow, and if it happens to be tears, let them cry.

3. Everything Happens for a reason - While a lot of people believe this, saying during an argument is like saying it wasn't your fault it just happened. No someone did SOMETHING to start the argument so step and admit it.

4. You are overreacting - Again you are not the other person, you don't how much reaction is the right amount for them. For you sure it can be too much, but for them, it might be the perfect amount.

5. When I was your age....The world changes and so does situations. Something that was ok when you were younger might not be ok now.

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