Over the weekend, a post on a Facebook marketplace went viral after a man was trying to sell a set of used dentures.

The post has since been deleted but here are some things you should never buy used.


First off, no matter how much you deep clean a mattress, the chance for bedbugs is very real. Also, the average person sheds about 1.5 pounds of flesh per year, most of that while they are in bed! Plus dust mites loved discarded skin and a mattress might have u to 10 million of these naked to the eye bugs!


If you don't get a car seat from someone you know, there is no way to know if it was every involved in an accident. A car seat is deemed unsafe if it has been part of a crash big or small. Plus car seats do have an experiencing date. It expires 6 years after it's first use.


The biggest issue is safety when it comes to used tires. While there may look like plenty of tread left on them, you don't know if dry-rot has started to seep in.

Of course, going to a trustworthy tire re-sale company that tests used tires before selling them is an valid way to buy used tires.


Just like a mattress, cloth furniture can have lots of micros on it that could cause you to become ill. Plus you never know what happened on that furniture and what liquids might have spilled.

5.) HATS

One word...Lice! Head lice can easily transfer to your head from just trying on a hat! Plus most hats will form to the head of the wearer and might not fit you properly.

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