If you've ever been pulled over for a traffic violation, you likely know how awful a feeling it can be.

For starters, many times it will cost you money and time in a court appearance. It's also rather embarrassing, especially if you get a ticket on a busy street with many people passing you by as you are pulled over.

Speeding is obviously a very popular infraction to get pulled over for and get a ticket, but there are other reasons as well.

Police officers patrol all regions of Western New York and do a great job. However, some departments may get a reputation of being more ready to pull a vehicle over for a traffic violation.

I remember my dad always telling me which towns or villages in Western New York were the ones you definitely did not want to speed through, but now, we have some actual statistics to look at.

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Traffic Tickets recently complied the top 20 towns in New York State with the most traffic tickets and three made the list in Western New York.

Back in 2018, those three towns plus two others made the top 30 most ticketed towns in the State of New York.

Here are the five towns that usually write more traffic tickets than anywhere else in Western New York.

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