When you have a visitor in Buffalo and they ask you where the best place for wings is, you have your answer. When they ask you the best place to drink, you have an answer. Where is the best BBQ places in Buffalo, though? What would you say?

Last year was the first ever RibFest in Buffalo and and my mouth started watering what I just started thinking about some BBQ so, that's why I decided to find out who the top rated barbecue restaurants are in Buffalo and Western New York. RibFest is returning to Canalside in July this Summer!

Now, lets take a look at the top 5 ranked BBQ places in WNY, according to Trip Advisor. Who else would you have added to the list?

  • 1

    Fat Bob's

    41 Virginia Pl, Buffalo, NY
  • 2

    Lee's BBQ

    1269 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo
  • 3

    Suzy-Q's Bar-B-Que Shack

    2829 Niagara St, Buffalo
  • 4

  • 5

    BWS Smokin' Barrels Barbecue

    5007 Lake Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • 6

    A&B BBQ

    368 Abbott Rd, Buffalo, NY
  • 7

    Dinosaur BBQ

    301 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY

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