Are you a history buff? Here is another unique experience that you can take part in throughout May in Buffalo. The Buffalo History Museum and the Richardson Olmsted Campus are inviting you to take tours of two unique centers beginning in May. You’ll be able to experience the 1901 Pan American Exposition at the Buffalo History Museum’s Resource Center – It’s a guided tour of ‘Spirit of the City’. Then, you can check out the Richardson Olmsted Campus on a docent-led tour through spaces untouched since the 1970’s taking in stories of the past, present and future of the National Historic Landmark Building.

I think it's really awesome that we live in a city that can offer this type of thing, and it's because of the history of Buffalo.  Aside from all the obvious things to do, like camping, parks, and being on the water, why not take advantage and learn about the city's history?


Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Dates: May 11; June 8; July 13; August 10; September 14; October 12

Location: Begin at The Buffalo History Museum’s Resource Center- 459 Forest Avenue, Buffalo

Tickets: $35 per person; available online

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