I’ll never forget when Travis Tritt performed at our inaugural Toyota Taste of Country in downtown Buffalo. It was the first time we put on a show of that magnitude at the ballpark after it was initially started at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park.

Fast forward to 2021, and Travis Tritt is still on the road and still putting out some fantastic songs.

On Sunday night, Travis tread performed at the Riviera theater in North Tonawanda. During the show, Travis was on the stage doing a solo acoustic set of songs and performed this classic called "Anymore".

Travis has gone on to do some incredible things since that day in downtown Buffalo when he performed for our Taste of Country. Tritt is certainly not afraid to hide his opinion on things and has always stay true to his own personal beliefs and values. His voice sounds as good as ever and these songs are certainly timeless.

I think it really shows the true talent of an artist when they are able to just sing along with a guitar and sound as good as this clip does. A friend of mine was at the show and share this with me.

Travis Tritt's collection of songs is one of the best from the what I think is the best era of country music. The 1990's brought us so many great songs and artists who fill up our "Throwback Thursdays" on WYRK. From "Country Club" to "TROUBLE", you will hear plenty from Travis Tritt!

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