Opening day is almost here for one of the coolest, new attractions in Western New York!

The first treehouse 'restaurant' has officially opened in Western New York. You literally are among the trees when you order your food and beer. Where is this treehouse restaurant in Western New York?

The Blueberry Treehouse Farm

1897 Davis Rd, West Falls, NY 14170

Opening day is June 7, 2024 for the cafe

Blueberry picking will happen is expected in the beginning of July.

So, what exactly IS The Blueberry Treehouse Farm? It is a blueberry-picking farm that has a treehouse-style sitting area. The venue will host a variety of different food vendors that you can enjoy during your visit.

Food vendors will be on-site daily and a variety of local beer, wine, seltzer, and cider offerings will be available. As we are a hosting venue, it is important to note that the food offerings will be somewhat fluid. That being said, we have a couple of vendors that will be on-site regularly so there will be certain things you can count on. Reservations are not required aside from our Upper Canopy VIP Lounge and Group Seating area", according to their Facebook page.


This place looks like a great experience for the entire family and will surely be a hit. There is admission to go visit the farm. It is $5 per person and kids under the age of 2 are free (admission also includes a free popsicle or drink). Live music will be happening every Thursday throughout the summer.

Here are the hours of operation for The Blueberry Treehouse Farm:

June Hours

Friday 4pm - 10pm

Saturday 10am - 10pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Please Note: No Blueberry Picking until July

1092 County Route 10

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