Trent Harmon was crowned Season 15 champion of American Idol and walked away with a record deal with Big Machine Label Group. Harmon recently spoke with TV Guide about his experience on the show and shared what fans can expect from his forthcoming "country soul" record.

The Mississippi native admits his life has been a whirlwind of opportunities over the past few months, but he has already taken some time to reflect on his big win.

"As soon as the show was over, I took five minutes and just stood in the restroom of the dressing room that I'd been in, and I thought about it," he says. "I just stood there and thought, 'It was worth it. It was worth getting up early; it was worth staying up late.' So many times in music, it's not always worth it. But Thursday night, it paid off."

While he's in the beginning stages of planning his country album for Big Machine, he says he thinks runner up La' Porsha Renae and Jenn Blosil would make for fun duet partners.

"I feel like Porsha and I will probably be doing music together at some point, but I think it could be really cool to get Jenn Blosil on something," he adds. "She's got a unique voice, and she's quirky. I like quirky. She texted me the other day. I think her voice would be really cool. I think we could do some neat stuff."

Harmon describes his music as "country soul," but admits that he doesn't quite know what that means. Regardless, his first major label debut will embody this style.

"Soul music is in right now and it's cool to sing, but it's what comes out of me naturally. If I'm singing gospel music, or I'm singing country music, or I'm singing pop music, I sing it soulfully," he insists. "That's just how it comes out. So I feel like that's going to come through on this country album."

Harmon has already released his debut single, calling "Falling."

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