The winter of 2023 sure has been weird. One week there are blizzard warnings and the next it is flooding! For those of us who love the snow and love to be on our sleds, this season has been rough and it seems to be getting worse.

Living along the Great Lakes can be a blessing and a curse every winter. Yes, tons of snow can pile up fast. But it seems the lakes can also create weird weather patterns that keep the snow away or help to melt it more quickly. The good news? Lake Erie and Ontario seem to be wide open and a good blast of cold air would help fire up the lake effect machine.

But until then, snowmobiles have been parked. Maybe you haven't even gotten the sled off the trailer? There are reports that the most popular snowmobile trails in New York State are too rough to ride and have been closed.

“If anybody is out there, you’re going to get ticketed,” Sheriff Carpinelli confirmed. “It’s now considered a trespass because you’re being told about it, there are marked signs, there are marked barriers. If you go on there, it’s considered a trespass.

There is plenty of winter left and, truthfully, February could bring mountains of snow! Check with clubs and snowmobile groups before you ride. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and those who go above and beyond to maintain the trails throughout New York State. Pray for snow and hopefully I will see you on the trail!

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