It's been a couple of hours now.  So how are Bills fans feeling about the latest pick by the Bills?  

These things always age so well.

It's really hard to look at a player in college and see how well they will adjust when they become a pro.  It's why these general managers have so much pressure on them leading up to the draft.  Will this player be a good fit for my team?  Without a crystal ball that will show them the future, how could anyone really know?

But if you ask fans, they all seem to know best.

Remember how a lot of people reacted the night that Josh Allen was drafted to the Bills?  He's one of the best players to have come through Buffalo in years, but if you would have asked a good number of the fans that night, they would have thought we were destined for another 50 years of failure.  It wasn't all.

So how do Bills fans feel today?

The Bills were set to pick at #25 leading up to the draft but traded with Baltimore to move up to the #23 spot and leapfrog Dallas (who was set to pick in front of them at #24).  They chose a cornerback out of Florida named Kaiir Elam.  Which wasn't a huge surprise.  With injuries to their all-pro cornerback Tre'Davious White and the loss of Levi Wallace in free agency to Pittsburgh, the Bills were thin at that position.  But it may have come as a surprise to a lot of people who follow mock drafts.  Many of those mocks showed the Bills choosing a running back at #25.

Nevertheless, we got our player.  Now the question is, how does Bills Mafia feel about it just a few hours after the name has been announced?


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