The 2021 racing season is about to begin for NASCAR and while the Cup cars get ready for some speed at Daytona Speedway, local race teams are hoping for an early spring!

The snow and cold weather make it seem like race season will take forever to get here. After the year we had in 2020, most events had to be put on hold. But there is news to warm your heart and get your engine running for those who love dirt track racing!

In a Tweet from Ransomville Speedway, the schedule for some of the most elite dirt track events in 2021 will include a couple of stops at The Big R!

Mark two dates on your calendar race fans! Tuesday, July 6th and Friday August 13th!

If you are a fan of racing we will be once again playing our Clay and Company Race Pool! All you have to do is listen for us to play the sound of cars going by on a race track on our show and call us to get a starting spot. Whatever driver fills that starting spot on the day of the race is yours for the contest! The winner gets some cool prizes including free pizza! Anyone can play and we have plenty of races as the contest goes all throughout the regular NASCAR Cup season!

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