This is pretty cool! The next time you have a bottle of pop or purchase a two-liter, you may notice it has a new, sleek design!

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According to at least one report, Pepsi is redesigning its two-liter bottles in an effort to become more environmentally friendly and functional. In order to determine the best size for the grip point, PepsiCo studied the average hand size and lowered the bottle's circumference to around ten inches as opposed to 13 inches.

When we were kids, I can recall the day when dad brought home a three-liter bottle of pop! It seemed like an endless supply of pop in our refrigerator. There was even a day when the two and three-liter bottles came with what look liked a small bowl fixed to the bottom. Most likely to keep the bottle steady when it is on a shelf.

We try to recycle as often and as much as we can in our home. Just last week we were speaking about recycling on the air and how the totes that we have are simply too small. Recycle tote envy is a real thing in my neighborhood. We pay a separate bill for our trash collection in the Town of Hamburg and our supplier does't offer the larger totes that residents in the Village of Hamburg or surrounding villages get. It is not uncommon for our cans and bottles to go tumbling down the road after they spill out over the top of the small tub style tote we have.

But the good news is, we are teaching our kids to reuse and recycle at an early age. They don't get to drink much pop, but when it does happen, the bottles will have a new design for them.

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