Western New York is full of colorful characters and wonderful places but how many towns in the 716 could you name based on only two words?

There is a game going around on social media asking people to describe where they live or their hometown in just two words. How many towns here in Western New York could be known by just two words? Way more than you think.

If someone says "Corn Fest" to you, what is the first Western New York that pops into your head? What about "Pink Flamingos"?

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If you said Eden and Cheektowaga that you would be 100% correct. So we asked people on social media to post two words about their hometown and see how many we could guess.

Each town here in Western New York from Lewiston, to North Java, to Ellicottville, has its own unique feature, festival, or landmark that makes it instantly known by residents of Western New York. Every place in Western New York is known for something.

That is what makes living here in Western New York so amazing. No matter where you go there is going to be something to do, something to see, something to experience that you won't be able to anywhere else in the country.

How well do you think you know Western New York? How many of these Western New York towns can you name based on just two words?

Two Words That Describe Every Western New York Town

Can you name these Western New York towns based on just two words?

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