Lesson learned - don’t get  in the way of Tyler Bass!

The Buffalo Bills kicker has consistently been one of the most reliable players on their roster, scoring 121 points or more in every single one of his four seasons with the Bills. But hey, everyone has one of those days. 

In the first half of last week’s wild card game against Pittsburgh, Bass attempted a 49-yard field goal that was blocked by the Steelers defense, leading to a scramble to recover the ball and injuring punter Sam Martin in the process (the Bills have since signed Matt Haack back to the practice squad just in case). 

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Bass remained steady in the 3rd quarter, sinking a 45-yard field goal to give the Bills lead some cushion, but at the 2-minute warning, disaster struck. 

Tyler Bass Misses Field Goal Attempt Wide Left

In what feels like a fluke, Bass shanked a 27-yard attempt. It was his first miss inside 30 yards in his entire career, and certainly didn’t look like our trusty kicker.

Despite his iffy performance, we have seen over and over again how powerful his kicks are. It looks like one unlucky fan accidentally found that out the hard way.

Video Of Fan Getting Hit By Tyler Bass Kick Going Viral

In a moment you couldn’t possibly predict, a fan is filming Tyler Bass’s kick, most likely hoping to catch the moment it’s in and the stands erupt in the “Shout Song.” Unfortunately, things don’t exactly go as planned.

Holy cow - is that guy okay? 

The next time, if you see a kick from Tyler Bass coming in your direction, you’d better duck or run for your life.

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