The National Weather Service is forecasting strong winds for the area through tonight. The busiest travel day for the year will be one to remember after the storms blows in.

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What does a 60mph gust do to your house or property? Here is a list of the things that get affected by strong winds.

This is all according to the Beaufort Wind Scale. (Source:

Force 8
Strength: Fresh Gale
Speed: 39-46 mph
Observations: Twigs break off trees

Force 9
Strength: Strong Gale
Speed: 47-54 mph
Observations: Branches break off trees, shingles blown from roofs,

Force 10
Strength: Whole Gale
Speed: 55-63 mph
Observations: Some trees blown down, damage to buildings

Force 11
Strength: Storm
Speed: 64-74 mph
Observations: Widespread damage to trees and buildings


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