The same people that will pick you up and take you places can now grab you breakfast, lunch and dinner! UberEats kicked off today in Buffalo and while the coverage isn't as wide as normal Uber service it will soon come to your area if you're not already int he delivery area.


For a $5.99 you can place an order off a full menu at one of the 60 plus participating restaurants during their normal business hours. These included places like Mighty Taco to Osteria 166, the restaurants run the gamete from cheap eats to some pretty fancy places.

You use UberEats the same way you use Uber, simply download the app and use your same login info or go to From there you can pick a restaurant by name or search by cuisine type!

UberEats App

Now eating all of your favorite Buffalo foods won't need to be restricted by reservations or motivation, it can all come right to you!