Have you tried Uber yet? I explained to a driver that we had in New York City that Buffalo only recently got the ride sharing service. His reaction was probably what you might expect, disbelief. But is Western New York about to be ahead of the newest trend in ride sharing?

According to a report from Metro Source News:

Uber health is trying to expand service to Rochester. The ridesharing service recently unveiled their service allowing rides for patients, caregivers and staff. The service is available for patients who don't even have a smartphone.

Just like a regular Uber, Uber Health is designed to get those with medical issues transportation they need. That could mean a doctors appointment or check up or perhaps a trip to get some prescription medicine.

According to Uber Health's website:

Today, Uber Health is a HIPAA compliant technology solution that’s helped tens of thousands of patients and caregivers get to and from care. Providers can also use Uber Health to help get crucial staff to work.

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